A short and explosive journey to Coco beach

So following two unplanned days rest in the beautiful town of Mulege I am back on the road. The only thing I feel bad about is that it is only for a very short distance!! The Bay of Concepcion starts about 25km south and it has always been my intention to spend a couple of days chilling on the beach, swimming in the sea and drinking rum! So that is exactly what I am going to do!!!

Despite it being a very short distance the trip still had some drama. After a wheel breaking and losing my phone, not to mention being attacked by a miniature dwarf dog, I thought my misfortune was behind me. Well not quite the case!! About 4 km south of Mulege there was a large bang and a spray of liquid from my tyre. The inner tube had exploded and burst through the tyre. This proved to be a slightly bigger problem then I first thought. After replacing the tube I set off again only to experience another blow out 15km further down the road. It became evident that I needed a new tyre, something I had been worried about for a while. The only problem being that the next shop was 120km away… I knew the beach wasn’t far so I limped on knowing I would have time to deal with it later.

Just after the blow out I reached a small village where a friend called Maury lived. I had met Maury on Monday night and we had got chatting. We bumped into each other again on Wednesday night and he very kindly bought me dinner. Maury and his wife spend December down here and he was here to open up the house. It was lovely to see pop in and see his magnificent place. I have to admit that one day I could quite happily see myself spending time in a place like this – see a pic attached for the view!!!

I carried on another KM and reached km-111. I had bumped into Jess for the Redwood Forest as he passed Mulege and we had made loose plans to meet up. Just as I got close a lady in a white jeep pulled over and asked if I was Jamie. She told me Jess was at the beach and off we set. Really nice to see a friendly face and was great to hear we would be spending the next couple of night chilling.

On arrival I set up my camp in a palapa (small beach shelter) and set to work on fixing my wheel. With the help of my new neighbor Dean, we cut up water bottles, taped them together and slipped them between the tyre and the inner tube. The test will come in a couple of days when it gets road tested!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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