The wheels come off in Mulege!!!

After a lovely first night in Mulege I woke to a catalogue of disasters the next day. Lots of little complications that have kept me here longer than I had anticipated but hopefully with a positive mental attitude and help from newly found friends everything will come together. Let’s go through it all in chronicle order…

The first problem appeared when I wheeled my stroller out ready to hit the road. The front wheel was a little rickety – more so than normal – and when I investigated it became apparent that there was nothing where the ball bearings were meant to be!!! So here I was in the middle of Baja with a dickie front wheel. I wandered up to the garage and asked if they could fix it. It was apparently a bit small for them but they pointed me in the direction of another mechanic. At that point I met Chris, an American who lived here for 6 months a year and had a golf buggy with him. He offered to drive me up there. When we arrived it turned out that the wheel of a stroller was too small for them too. But no fear they knew someone…. It was the guy who swept the town plaza and lived out of town. Without asking Chris offered to drive me round and find the mechanic. When we found he was not in town we took the bumpy road to the beach and sought him out. The road there was a complete mess as a result of numerous hurricanes but we merrily bumped along, Chris telling me all about the area and giving me a real insight to life as a resident.

When we final arrived Antolio took one look at the wheel, nodded, dropped everything and set to work. Within 5 minutes the wheel was as good as new and all for a princely sum on about £2.50 ($3.50). Chris and I jumped back in the buggy and we made our way back to Mulege.

After thanking Chris for all his help I packed up and got ready to set off. That was when disaster struck!!! NO PHONE!!! It had been in my pocket but somewhere that morning it had disappeared. My phone has been everything to me… it is my phone, camera, social media tool, blog updater, music!!! I love my Nokia Lumia 1020!!!! Without delay I set off in search of it, retracing every step all the way back to Antolio’s and up to the other mechanics. It was nowhere… I tried the “find my phone” but due to weak signal there was no luck. As a last resort I visited Chris to see if it had fallen into his buggy but nothing. At this point it was too late to set off so I decided to stay in Mulege another night.

Its funny how things work but making that decision meant I would experience some pretty great stuff. Firstly I bumped into Jessie. I had met Jessie in the Redwood Forest and he had talked about cycling south and there he was on the road as I jogged back. We have made a plan and hopefully we will get to meet up in the next couple of days.

I then retraced my steps again but again to no avail. I popped into a bar for a stiff drink and checked my emails. “Find my phone” had located my phone!!!!!! In complete ecstasy I jumped up and asked if anyone knew where I could get a taxi… That’s when I met Tom (this chap is so amazing!!!!). He immediately offered to drive me out there and see if we could recover it.  Disappointingly no one was at home. We stopped at a bar on the way back and started to devise a plan to get my phone back and that was when I properly met Carlos who owned the bar. After a few minutes we were all standing at the bar with Scottish pipe music blasting out and having a right merry time.

The plan was to drive out first thing in the morning and Tom very kindly offered to take me out again. At 7.30 the next morning I met Tom at a restaurant for breakfast and that was when I met Steve. Steve was an amazing man who had some amazing stories to tell including times with John Wayne, helicopter adventures in Vietnam and the charity work he was doing in Baja. Quite an amazing person!

Tom and I set off to collect my phone. On our way we met the wife of the chap who we thought might have the phone. We asked if anyone was at the house and she said no. We decided to check anyway and luckily found the father there! He said he had seen the phone but did not know where it was. We got the chap’s phone number and set off back to town.

I am now sitting in a café waiting for the guy to return from work and fingers crossed we can retrieve my phone!!

I will update later on any progress but it looks like another night in Mulege. There are worse places to be stuck!!!

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  1. Maury Priest · · Reply

    Oh my God, Jamie. No wonder I didn’t see you as you ran by Posada at your estimated time of 2 p.m. yesterday. We met at the restaurant in Mulege on Monday night, and you had planned to run to Burro Beach on Concepcion Bay the next day. Glad the good people of Mulege came to the rescue and you found your phone. I’ll be watching for you tomorrow as you resume the run. Maury

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