New and improved site from my Dad – Check it out!


One of the really difficult things to keep on top of while on the road is making sure my blog, photos, videos etc are kept up-to-date and are easily accessible. Well I don’t have that problem!!! Luckily I am incredibly fortunate to have a father who is not only computer literate but can put together amazing websites. A couple of months ago he put a site together that showed people where I had been and calculated the basic stats of what I had achieved. Well, since then he has been tirelessly working on a new and far more content rich website – let’s call it jamieisrunning 2.0. You can check it out at

On this website you can:

  • see where I have been AND if you click on any particular pinpoint read the blog written that day, view photos of and watch videos…
  • see where I am going and when I hope to arrive
  • check out the statistics – currently 110 days total, 88 days running, 3812 km run
  • follow progress of my beard growth (very important and deeply disturbing!
  • flick through my dad’s favourite photos
  • contribute to my charities
  • find an archive of my newsletters

I am incredibly grateful to my father for taking all this time to put this together and in no way would I like to punish him by asking for even more… but if you have any fun ideas let us (my dad) know ( and we’ll see what we can incorporate!

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