Daily Archives: December 3, 2014


So after all the drama of the last few days I am pleased to report that the drama is over and the phone has been returned. The chap who had it returned from fishing and brought I straight to me… I gave him a little reward and the world has been restored to balance!!! One […]

New and improved site from my Dad – Check it out!

One of the really difficult things to keep on top of while on the road is making sure my blog, photos, videos etc are kept up-to-date and are easily accessible. Well I don’t have that problem!!! Luckily I am incredibly fortunate to have a father who is not only computer literate but can put together amazing websites. A […]

The wheels come off in Mulege!!!

After a lovely first night in Mulege I woke to a catalogue of disasters the next day. Lots of little complications that have kept me here longer than I had anticipated but hopefully with a positive mental attitude and help from newly found friends everything will come together. Let’s go through it all in chronicle […]