The night the lights went out in Mulege

I am sitting in a restaurant in Mulege with no light apart from the backlight of my Nokia Lumia 1020 and the light spilling out of the kitchen and powered by a rather noisy generator. We’ve had a power cut! The fact that they have a generator would make one think that this is a normal occurrence. Back home I would have been rendered useless in a strange town without light but as a traveler who lives by the motto always be over prepared I have my head torch with me and all is illuminated. I also have a Pacifico beer and a hamburger on the way so all is just fine. Lets turn back a few hours and review the day.

After last night’s amazing generosity from the local restaurant I am sorry to say I had a pretty rubbish nights sleep. Dogs barking and men returning from fishing trips didn’t help. However, I did wake to more generosity. The couple who were staying across from me arrived at my tent with a breakfast burrito and some fresh milk for my cereal. Nutritionally I was set for the day.

Today is my 7th day in a row and I had set my target on Mulege which, despite some discrepancies from road signs, was about 48km away. Today’s run was mostly flat and sadly to say pretty boring and uneventful. I did have a brief respite when some cyclists from Alaska shot by. After about 33km I stopped for a healthy lunch of nuts and beef jerky washed down with watered down powerade. After my brief breather I attached the last 15km and the twisting hills that it included.

I finally arrived in the pretty little town of Mulege. I bumped into some Americas who warned me that if I stayed too long I might never leave and in the short time I have been here I can see why that may be true. The people, as in all Baja, are super nice and the streets and narrow and hide lots of nooks and crannies. I found a cheap little hotel to sleep in and had a nice hot and needed shower.

It was then the lights went out. A massive scream went up from the streets which reminded me of my school days and brought a smile to my face. I walked out on to the streets and everything seemed to be ticking on as normal. Candles were lit in all the shops and people just got on with life.

Finding somewhere to eat was a little less easy but I finally stumbled on a great place called Doney Mely’s and now all I have to do is decide if I should have desert!!!

Tomorrow my adventure continues as I finally make it to the Bay of Concepcion. White sand, little huts on the beach and maybe as day off!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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