Experiencing the wild west on the east coast of Baja

I woke up thus morning to the amazing view of Las Tres Virgenes volcan. The sun was shining and I was full of anticipation of getting to the Sea of Cortez. When I went to sleep last night I thought the sea was just over the hill. How wrong was I? The sea was in fact 30km away and the road did its best to be anything but flat. It twisted, turned, plunged and climbed its way to the sea. The sun was playing its part and had turned up the rays. The picture of white sand and palm trees drove me on and slowly the km ticked by. When I finally climbed over the last crest the view wad not exactly what I had in mind. The shoreline that ran from where I had arrived to Santa Rosalia was in fact a working mine. The roads were rough and full of holes, the beach dirty and the air less than clean. I had to jog along 8km of this with Santa Rosalia as my lunchtime target.

When I finally arrived in Santa Rosalia first impressions were less than inviting. I ran passed disused warehouses, dirty bars, work shops and hardware stores. The smells weren’t that pleasant either. However, I persevered hoping the town centre would be more inviting.

And it was. Santa Rosalia turned out to be such a beautiful, quaint little mining town. Originally set up by the French, SR maintains its historic beauty. The streets are narrow and all the houses, or more accurately cottages, are made from wood. In the middle of the town is a church and its not just any church. It was designed by Gustav Eiffel, as in Eiffel tower, and was bought by one of the mine owners. It was broken up into pieces and shipped to SR and resurrected. On this particular day there was a funeral service so I had to be respectful about just how much I looked around. Just up the street was an old bakery that had been baking “world famous” bread since 1901. The mines evidently pay quite well as there is money on show. To me it had a feel of the old wild west but instead of pistols and horses these cowboys had mobile phones strapped to their belts and pickup truck keys in their pockets. I hung around for a couple of hours and then ventured further south to San Lucas.

After a little asking around I found a RV park and arrived to find a small bar and restaurant serving. I took my place at the bar and ordered a beer. The stroller drew a bit of attention and even managed to claim a free beer. The owner of the park arrived and demanded $10 for the night. Out of principal I decided this was too much and was preparing to make a move. However the restaurant owner jumped into action and came back a few minutes later and announced I could stay for free. His wife then put a bowl of delicious soup in front of me (on the house) – this was turning out to be a good night. I asked for the menu.

I have realized that I need to make and effort to eat more good food as in Mexico it is too easy to just order cheap and unhealthy! I asked if the breaded shrimp with pineapple sauce was good and the reply was “do you like sweet things?” The decision didn’t take long to make. I was staggered when the dish arrived. It was presented amazingly (see picture) with vegetable flowers and love hearts in the sauce. What was even better was that it tasted amazing too. Honestly one of the best dishes I have had here in Mexico. There is a picture of the team attached. Thoroughly recommend this place, even if just for food and a beer.

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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