Lying next to three virgins… Literally!!!

So after a 45km day run I am now lying in my tent next to three virgins and listening to traditional Mexican music. You may well be asking yourself just how this has come about so let me explain!!!

Last night I was in San Ignacio, which is a lovely little village set in an oasis. It is an incredibly beautiful and quaint place if a little run down. If I had had more money, more time and a car it is somewhere I would very much like to have spent a few more days there but I ration my holidays and want to keep them free for the Bay of Conception which is agonizingly close!

Today’s run was a smiley one. Some days you just wake up and feel good. I had spoken to my parents, my sister and a friend back home and was in high spirits. I stocked up on water and local pastries and hit the road. After the monotonous desert, I was excited to be back in the hills with stunning views all around as you can see from the pics attached. To add extra grandeur I was also listening to Highland Cathedral and Amazing Grace…. Who would have known I would love running to pipe band music!!

Today was also a positive one because people stopped and interacted. First there was a Mexican chap who was cycling through Baja to commemorate his 50th birthday (though he did keep saying his fifth birthday!). We bumped into each other a couple of times and he had a go pushing the stroller and very kindly gave me some amazing beef jerky! The next group were a bunch of Mexican guys in a white van who just pulled up next to me and passed me a gallon of fresh water and then sped off. The last encounter was a couple from LA who were down here on holiday. One of the things I love about this trip is the smiles and waves you get. Just by simply going for a run people seem to find some enjoyment and positivity. Reasons enough to continue!!!

The main focus point for today was a huge volcano that seemed to stand majestically in front of me and no matter how much I ran never seemed to get closer. After hours of pounding the road I finally snuck round the side of her and was rewarded with the most spectacular view of the valley on the other side.

Having reached the 45km mark I jogged into a farm and asked if I could set up camp. The chap seemed absolutely fine but kept telling me that the lorries may be noisy. I just assumed he meant the lorries on the road and set up camp. What I didn’t get from our conversation was that this was a scrap yard and lorries would be making deliveries!

So you may be asking where the virgins and music features. Well, once the drivers finished offloading the metal they cranked up the radio. And the Volcano that has been present all day and which I am camping next to is called Las Tres Virgenes!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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