A little reflection – SOLO?


Today I had a little bit of time and finally managed to compile a photo gallery for my Facebook page. This group of group selfies was taken over the last few weeks while on the Baja peninsula. It got me thinking. When I started planning, organising and promoting my expedition the word “solo” was used a lot. It seemed to make the whole thing sound even more challenging than it already was – as if 18,000km wasn’t enough. When people heard about the expedition that was one of their first concerns, how would I deal with loneliness?

The truth is that loneliness is the least of my problems as you can see from this online gallery (click here). As humans we seem to be attracted to each other, compelled to socialise with our peers. The great thing about this particular gallery is that before each photo I didn’t know any of them and what’s even better is that everyone is smiling.

However, we must remember that there are people out there who do feel alone and may not have the ability to reach out and ask for help or companionship. If we all keep that in the back of our minds then we may just be able to reach out to someone and make a difference to their day.


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