A new member to the team!

Today is a very happy day indeed. I am no longer alone on this epic adventure and have someone new and special to share the trip with. While running through today’s beautiful landscape I spotted a poor soul literally impaled to a cactus. He looked so sad and alone that I risked life and limb to save what was to become my new companion.

I would like to introduce you to Charlie the bear!! (named after my wee bro!) While I am quite sure little Charlie needs a good clean I am sure he will be a valuable addition to the expedition team. Already he has flirted with a group of American chicks we met on the side of the road and he seems to enjoy sitting up front on the stroller, though we need to sort a better seat belt as he looked a little tied on! It’s also nice to have someone to share a beer and a laugh with at the end of the day!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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