My diet!!!

So my diet has been the subject of a lot of comments from a lot of different people. I will be the first to admit that it is not the diet of a honed athlete however I estimate that I burn over 5000kcal a day. There many are different ways to refuel that output and its is easy if you live near a nice fully stocked supermarket. If you are running down a highway then fast food outlets and service stations sometimes leave you with limited options! Also if you want to stock up on healthy food you also have to push it around all day!!!

A few observations from me!!

1: I think to have maintained a pretty consistent weight throughout this expedition has to be a good thing. I am not losing form and neither am I going to come back needing larger trousers.

2: It can’t be denied that I have managed to run over 3000km so far and the little engine is still buzzing nicely.

3: My locations quite often dictate my diet. If I am near a restaurant that serves pizza then pizza it will be.

4: Cravings also play a big part. I do listen to my body and cravings. If it screams for sugar I give it sugar, if it wants vegetables I find vegetables and if it wants grease and fat then I am more than willing to satisfy that urge.

5: If I am somewhere that has a specialty then I will eat it. I can’t help it that America makes awesome ice cream and cookies.

6: If you think obesity then sadly USA and Mexico are pretty high up the order!!

While no day is average this is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Cheese and ham omelet, black beans, hash brown, coffee and OJ

Snack – one chocolate and sparkling water

Lunch – 3 fish tacos

Afternoon snack – vegetable juice and sparkling water

After exercise snack – protein bar and fruit juice

Dinner – pasta, tuna, pesto followed by 2 tangerines with dulce leche

After dinner – Clif bar (might have another one!)

And I can also add that I have not had alcohol for over a week!!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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