Making my way to the Baja 1000

As I mentioned in my last entry I am racing done the coast to El Rosario so I can watch the Baja 1000. The Baja 1000 is a off road motorcycle and truck race that starts in Ensenada and finishes in La Paz. The course is through the desert but hits the road in different parts. My goal is to watch some of this.

It works out rather well as tomorrow will be my 7th marathon day in a row and if I make it I already have somewhere secure to pitch my tent. I have also been recommended a restaurant by various people so I know my stomach will be happy! The only down side of making it on race day is that the hotel I was being given a bed will most likely be full… Not a big problem as I love my wee Force Ten tent!!

After a really good stay at the Posada Don Diego I hit the road south. Today’s run was not as aesthetically pleasing as the last few. For the most part it was straight with various shops lining the road. Today is probably the last day I am going to have access to cash machines for quite some time and while cash isn’t something I need too much of here it feels good to be prepared. One last thing to worry about. It is also probably one of the last days I will see a proper supermarket, so stocking up has been done.

I managed to complete about 42km today and then two events coincided. Firstly a puncture (thorn) and secondly a campsite sign. I took this as an omen to stop for the day and get an early night.

The campsite is about 1.5km from the road, not half a mile as advertised, and is quite basic. Also the ground is so hard that tent pegs won’t go in!! However that all sorted I have to admit it is quite nice to be 100m from the beach. It was also nice to have my dinner all cooked and to be tucked up in my tent by 5.30pm (earlier than my niece!!!)

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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