Tijuana to KM 38 – Spanish put to test with the Ferderales

In Mexico they seem to rely on what km you are at for directions. Today’s target was KM 38 which seems pretty easy but wasn’t quite as easy as I thought but only by a matter of about 5 km. Two different highways next to each other with different distances.

There were two possible routes. Through the city and down or out to the beach and follow the coast down. The coast road is a toll road and technically I wasn’t allowed on it but I thought I would take the risk as while it was a longer route it was safer (ish) as it had a big hard shoulder. I set off through the streets and am glad to report that my navigation skills were back on form.

When I arrived at the toll station I was confronted by a federale (policeman) with a big gun. This was going to be my first Spanish test following my Spanish lessons using my Michel Thomas products. I am pleased to report that I was not extorted or turned back but wished well for my journey and set on my merry way. Filled with pride I started my journey only to be blocked by 2 more federales… Could my Spanish stand the test once again! You are too glad damn right it was! I now had 25km of road ahead of me with very little traffic (as it costs $20 per car).

My Spanish was tested again at lunch and then looking for directions and I can report I did eat (well) and am sitting at my destination!!!

Tonight I am being looked after by someone my new friend Justin (photo from birthday) has arranged. He has also sorted or given advice for the next two nights which is really kind – very much indebted!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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