Thoughts on Stage 2

I am about to enter the second part of my Expedition and this will see me attempt to run the 6400km from Tijuana, Mexico, to Panama City, Panama. This is going to be much more demanding and I just hope that I am ready to tackle any obstacles that are thrown my way. It is over double the distance with seven different countries and a language barrier thrown in for good measure. The distances between settlements will be longer, the weather will be hotter and the terrain will be more desert like.

I have always viewed stage one as the testing phase of this expedition. It allowed me to test my equipment, make the necessary adjustments to tackle each day and build the confidence to achieve success. When I started I looked at the map and was overwhelmed by the sheer distances I was going to have to deal with – this stage alone was over twice the length of the United Kingdom. Lots of people have asked how I deal with the distances and there is only one answer – break everything down into little sections and never think about the whole picture. Obviously having big numbers plastered all over my website and running shirts contradict this but that helps capture people’s attention. If we did this for everything then we would be constantly overwhelmed. For instance the average office worker will probably sit behind their desk for about 169,000 minutes and spend the equivalent of two full weeks commuting while I am on this expedition. That sounds hideous!! We don’t think like that at home so I don’t. I look at running as my job. I wake up every day and get the job done and that is how I must think about the next part of my expedition.

“Am I scared?” is a question that I am asked a lot. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me is petrified. I am about to run into a situation that is completely alien to me. I probably won’t have a phone and while I have been practising Spanish there will be a barrier. There are so many other things I could focus on like wild dogs, drug cartels, deserts and weather but if I spend too much time thinking like that I am going to demotivate myself. I have proved to myself I can run, I can camp, I can feed myself and I can be alone. I have all the equipment I need to be safe. Now we just need to see if I have the mental fortitude to succeed. I want to be an adventurer and to be an adventurer I need to be adventurous.

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