OMG I am in luxury – more amazing kindness in Carlsbad


So the kindness continues and this time it is huge!! Yesterday I woke up in my tent, tucked away behind a RV and ate my breakfast of Grape nuts, powdered milk and banana on the side of a highway. I had no idea where I was going to be sleeping but I knew there were options when I got to Oceanside and Carlsbad. I had no idea I would be about to have the most luxurious night of my whole expedition…

You will remember that I met Ben and Paula earlier in my expedition and they looked after me so well. Well that little episode has not finished yet. I subsequently got an email from their daughter, Allyson, who lived and worked in Carlsbad. She said I should swing by and say hi on the way down. A couple of days ago I sent her an email and let here know I was going to be in Carlsbad imminently and asked if she knew anywhere I could camp. She did some research and informed me that there was indeed some spaces at the local campsite.


What I forgot to mention was that she worked at the Carlsbad Oceanfront Hilton and she also offered to donate me a room to enjoy and recuperate in. Now by the ridiculous look on my face in the photo above you can see where I spent my night!!!


There are no words to describe this level of generosity. Allyson had never met me before and she has personally gone out of her way to make my expedition easier in the best way she could. I am indebt to her for an amazing night’s sleep and being amazingly clean again.




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