Emma Watson talking at the UN – @HeForShe

Emma W

While I am on the road people suggest things I should read, listen to, watch and think about. The great thing is I actually have time to do it! Most of the time it is to do with CALM, one of the charities I am trying to support. The common theme is the role of men in todays society and how it should ok for men to be more open about what they feel and that it is slowly becoming more socially acceptable to ask for help and show feelings.

While having a good conversation with a friend from home the Emma Watson talk to the UN was discussed. My friend made the point that while some strive to make it acceptable for men to be vulnerable and others for women to be empowered, maybe we should all work to a common goal of equality.

While I am sure you have all watched it or heard Emma’s address a million times I am going to point you to it anyway – its definitely worth a minute or 10! I have never been a Harry Potter fan and am ashamed to say that I don’t think I have seen a film with Emma in it but she gives a very well thought out, balanced address and makes some very valid points.

Well done a great speech!!!



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