USA nearly done and Mexico on the horizon

I have been on the road for 74 days and in that time I have nearly run the entire length of the US. To me the US was always the “training ground”. During this stretch of the trip I have been working out exactly what I need to be pushing in my stroller, what food my body likes and more importantly doesn’t, how best to minimalize injuries and most importantly how I am going to continue to enjoy myself.

When I finish and look back I am going to consider running the length of America and the easy bit. Everyone speaks English and there are Starbucks with air conditioning and WiFi every few kms. When I am looked for camp sites I wastrying to find ones with warm showers and conveniences. The police are there to protect not to extort. There are no wild dogs, drug cartels and long stretches of nothingness. These are things I need to start preparing for as I head ever closer to the border.

I am convinced that the expedition will remain safe and fun. One thing I have learnt is that positivity if the best tool in the box. But I will need to compliment that was being aware and sensible.

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