People are just so darn nice!


So with LA and Long Beach behind me I continued my run south with a campsite just north of Laguna beach as my target. Today’ run was beautiful, and so much of the time was spent right on the beach. One thing that I had not known was that just off the¬†beautiful beaches of South California are oil rigs sitting there like guard towers that monitor the coast line and on the land side there are nodding donkeys lining the highway. Despite that the beaches are clean, the houses impressive and everyone seems to be very happy!

I made the 45km to the campsite in good time and was looking forward to getting in my tent and having a good nights sleep. When I arrived at the registration office I was shocked that an individual site was going to set me back $50… way over my budget and not something I was going to do. The only option was to plod on and find somewhere to stealth camp – or so I thought. After speaking with the rangers for a while they started making some calls to try and find somewhere I could pitch my tent. While we were discussing my expedition one of the rangers announced that he was going to pay for a site and his friend was going to also chip in. While I tried to convince them this wasn’t necessary it was also decided I could stay behind the ranger station for $25. The young rangers were having none of this. They wanted to pay for me to have a site and not just any site one with an amazing view of the ocean. While I felt guilty for accepting I let myself be persuaded and made my way down to my home for the night. While it was dark I knew the view was going to be amazing the next morning.

To add to everything I was pitched next to an amazing British family. Doug came and introduced himself and as soon as my tent was up I was sitting around a table with his wife and children sharing supper and sipping a Bud Light. The next morning their generosity continued with a bacon and egg sandwich and delicious coffee. Their amazingly cool children even helped my pack up! Such lovely people and hopefully I will be able to hook up with them again when I get back to Europe!

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