Leaving LA…

LA is behind me and quite frankly I am glad about that. While it is a great place I am preferring the smaller towns and find them more fun, less crowded and the people friendlier. After I left Santa Monica I did a quick 25km jog down to Redondo Beach and stayed with my friend Fiona Van Over (used to be Pollock). I haven’t seen her for nearly 20 years and it was so great catching up. A lot has changed since we last saw each other, I can now grow a beard and she has married an amazing guy and they have two beautiful little children. Fiona cooked an amazing dinner, Michael (husband) did some servicing of my stroller and they together made sure I had a great stay. (thank you!).

The next day I set off south to Long Beach. This time to see another friend, Rachel. Rachel had a trip planned to LA and amazingly it coincided with my journey south. With a few facebook messages flying back and forth we managed to pinpoint a rendez-vous in Long Beach and Rachel managed to arrange a place for me to stay. I arrived in Long Beach (home of Snoop Dog) and spent the day eating, drinking and pottering around. Everyone was very friendly and generous. I spent quite a lot of time posing for photos with various people and humbling accepting free beers!!!

Rachel was staying with her friend Hop who she had met in Guatemala and I was going to be staying there too and what a place to stay. After a lovely evening of red wine and pizza we made out way back to her apartment. It was an amazing surprise to find that I would be staying on the 31st floor of an apartment block overlooking the harbour and ocean. The view was stunning and Hop informed me that the huge cranes working in the harbour were the inspiration for the At At walkers in Empire Strikes Back! Hop was an amazing lady and kept us entertained through the night and at brunch the next morning. Despite Rachel and Hop trying to tempt me to stay another night I had to get back on the road. After a couple of days rest and 2 easier days the pull of the road was too much and I wanted to get some KM under my belt. This lead to such a lovely day punctuated with amazing generosity (read te next blog for more…

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