Daily Archives: October 27, 2014

USA nearly done and Mexico on the horizon

I have been on the road for 74 days and in that time I have nearly run the entire length of the US. To me the US was always the “training ground”. During this stretch of the trip I have been working out exactly what I need to be pushing in my stroller, what food […]

People are just so darn nice!

  So with LA and Long Beach behind me I continued my run south with a campsite just north of Laguna beach as my target. Today’ run was beautiful, and so much of the time was spent right on the beach. One thing that I had not known was that just off the┬ábeautiful beaches of […]

Leaving LA…

LA is behind me and quite frankly I am glad about that. While it is a great place I am preferring the smaller towns and find them more fun, less crowded and the people friendlier. After I left Santa Monica I did a quick 25km jog down to Redondo Beach and stayed with my friend […]