Feeling Lazy in LA

So I have arrived in Los Angeles, or Santa Monica to be more precise, and I feel like I am being lazy. It took 7 days of straight running to get here, averaging about 44km/27miles a day and now that I have arrived I am being tempted by all the conveniences that are on my hostel doorstep, especially the cinema. It’s weird but I actually feel guilty… I feel that I should be pushing south but I am about 10 days ahead of schedule and probably deserve to have a couple of days relaxing. And the cinema, oh how I love and miss the cinema. I have already watched “Gone Girl” and tonight I am going to watch “Fury”. Its weird, I thought I would miss the partying and the drinking but when I do that I actually realise just how little a miss it. I would rather be productive than spend most of the day nursing a sore head and wishing I had slept the night before. So today is going to be a productive day. I am going to finish my newsletter, I am going to buy the bits of equipment I need to help me through Central America and I am going to try and work through the “to do” list I write in my mind as I run down the highway.

Bit of a random post but I feel that if I write it then there is more chance I will achieve it!


  1. Hey jamie
    Hubby and I really enjoyed our short time with you on way to emma beach. Rooting for you.

    Hugs and.smile
    Phil and lori Roessler
    Camarillo ca

  2. You just left the Starbucks here on Pine street in Long Beach….good luck

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