280km and 6 nights between showers!!!

So today was a good day. No, in fact it was a great day. It was the day I had a shower. Such a simple thing but I am learning that such simple things can be amazing and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Yes the day did involve lots of other great moments but the shower topped it all. I managed to cover about 41km, had an amazing coffee in Cambria and tried brown coffee cookies but let’s stick to the shower.

What makes today’s shower so amazing is that it is the first shower I have had since… Tuesday, 7th October. Yes nearly a whole week. And that would be disgusting if I had just existed but I have done a little more than that – let’s work it out!

Tuesday, 7th – Had shower – went to UCSC – slept on sofa

Wednesday, 8th – Ran 55km – slept in tent in someone’s garden

Thursday, 9th – Ran 60km – slept in rustic campground

Friday, 10th – Ran 55km – Slept in waterless campground

Saturday, 11th – Ran 35km – stealth camped in wood

Sunday, 12th – Ran 32km – Slept in water restricted campground

Monday, 13th – Ran 41km – HAD A SHOWER

So to summarize – I ran about 280km or 6.6 marathons between showers. That is why I am feeling so fricking happy to have showered!!! And it was an amazing shower, hot and powerful!!

Written on my Nokia Lumia 1020

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