Sniff sniff…. Is that me?

Tonight I write this short blog from my tent in a forest north of San Simeon. Today was short (30+km) but intentionally. Combined over the last 4 days I have managed to run about 200km – for the arithmetically challenged that is an average of 50km a day, 8km more than a marathon.

Although today was short it wasn’t without challenge. The route today (ending at Ragged Point) had some of the most challenging hills yet. Forever up and down as it was the rewards were amazing. At certain points I stood gazing above the clouds that rolled in from the pacific and looked down on the vultures that soared along the heat waves.

Again was filled with small acts of kindness. The prize goes to Martin who pulled up in his rented Ferrari California with water, cereal bars and skittles! Despite me thinking he may have had a better plan for seeing this part of the US his gifts gave me the nudge needed to climb the long hills ahead!!

So tonight I am stealth camping (camping somewhere I probably shouldn’t) in a forest that a couple of locals said should be ok. The one piece of advice was to stay in my tent after dark as there are Mountain Lions. That does pose a problem as I kinda need to go… You know what I mean!!

One thing that has come apparent is that I am probably at the most disgusting in terms of cleanliness so far on this expedition… My hair is kind of matted, my clothes smell, my nails (hands and feet) are black and just being in my tent is unbearable. I do have clean clothes but I don’t want to put them on until I am clean! I have spent the last three nights and days in the same clothes. After tonight and tomorrow that is just bad! I am slightly ashamed…. Sorry Mum!

Hopefully the campsite tomorrow has a river where I can clean up… I’ve heard there are no showers!

I will catch up on the last couple of days when I have access to my computer.

Now will the mountain lion let me pee….

(written on my Nokia Lumia 1020 which I LOVE)

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  1. Helene Emilien Justin Amy · · Reply

    Hey! We r in Big sur with Justin & Amy! Thinking about u! Run Run run we love u and miss uuuuuu:-D watch out for The raccoons:-D

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