Leaving Santa for Marina

After leaving Santa Cruz I set my target on Moss Landing which had a KOA (Kamp of America) and was exactly 42km from where I was staying. The beginning of today’s run was uninspiring, hilly and combined with a bad night’s sleep it was a struggle both mentally and physically. I also realised that my diet over the last couple of days had not been exactly healthy. The night before I had sneaked in a slice of pepperoni pizza, a chocolate covered cookie and a bag of M&M on top of the lovely vegetable curry that my host, Maryam, had cooked. I am starting to notice a very stark contrast between running diet and rest diet – I need to learn restraint while on downtime!

To add to the above I had entered the strawberry growing region and to make that worse it was the picking season. Mile after mile of air that smelled of strawberry jam fired up my taste buds and made each step agonizing. Luckily a call with a friend in the UK managed to take my mind off everything and reinvigorate my determination.

When I arrived at Moss Landing I was slightly disheartened to find that the KOA was for RV’s only and the lady at the reception had no idea where I could find somewhere to sleep. I decided to continue my run south and ask at every opportunity. The only opportunities turned out to be fruit stands and let’s say that they were less than helpful. They did have some pretty awesome fruit though!!

While plodding further south and getting closer to nightfall I was fortunate to be passed by a cyclist called Iris. After we had introduced each other and she was convinced I was not an axe murderer she kindly offered me her back garden in to set up my tent. The only problem was it was about another 10km south. Luckily Iris decided to cycle along and chat and despite the quick pace she set the journey was over quickly. 55km done and an early night ahead.

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