Windsurfers are awesome – Thanks Davenport!!


So today was meant to be a nice organised and sensibly distanced day. But like each and every time I have good intentions the plan goes out the window but somehow the day falls into place and a perfect day unfolds.

I woke up in Half Moon Bay after a pretty uneventful 53km run down from San Francisco. The idea for today was to run 42km to a campsite called Costanoa. This worked perfectly as it was pretty much half way to Santa Cruz. There was a deep set mist along the coast which provided the most amazing running conditions – cool and breezy. You really notice a difference when the running conditions are favourable and today felt good. The route today was mostly flat or on undulating hills, only a couple of hills that posed any extra effort. Despite the mist, there were some awesome views of beaches on the right and rolling hills on the right.


One of the scenic highlights was the Pigeon Point lighthouse which is where I stopped for lunch.

I finally arrived at Costanoa and headed straight to the registration post. I didn’t spend much time here… They wanted $37 for a spot to put up my tent – quite a bit more that the $7 I had been paying at the state parks. There was no way I was going to shell out that much cash so I quick about-turned and headed back to highway. There had been mention of a illegal camping area 10km further up the road so I set my sights on that and started plodding away.

It transpired that the illegal campsite had been moved on and there was no where to camp. At this point I had done 52km and was starting to flag a little. To add to the concerns I was running low on water. If I was going to stealth camp (and that was the plan) I needed to find my h20.

The next town was 11km away so I set my sights on that and with a renewed determination got on the road. As the sun was setting over the pacific I came across a fruit farm and managed to sort the water problem. I also managed to find a strawberry shortcake and some strawberry lemonade… With renewed positivity I started on the last couple of kms. On arrival in Davenport I was advised that the best place to camp was at Davenport Landing 2 km back the way I had come. Determined to find somewhere to sleep I headed back, unhappy that I was adding repetitive kms to the trip. On arrival at the beach it quickly became apparent that this was not going to be the ideal spot for stealth camping – too many people! This is where the windsurfers became lifesavers.

I asked a group if they knew anywhere to I could camp and after a few suggestions Dave came up with the idea of his friend Joe who lived in Davenport. He disappeared and after a short jog managed to find Joe and within seconds had a place for me to stay.

Their generosity and kindness didn’t end here. They let me know that they were all going for dinner in town and invited me along, they even paid which was above and beyond…

After dinner Joe gave me directions back to his property. A short down hill brought me to his awesome shed/workshop. Joe mended windsurfer sails and his place was full windsurfer equipment mixed in with the most eclectic array of really cool stuff. It was the perfect shed and the perfect place to sleep.


After a good night sleep Joe and I went for breakfast back in town and Joe regaled me with stories from his past. This man was awesome and had done so many cool things in his life. There are a number of special people I’ve met who I really want to stay in touch with and Joe is definitely one of them.


Thank you Joe and the rest of the team for an awesome experience in Davenport – an unlikely highlight of my trip!


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