A less than positive arrival in San Francisco – Thanks HI Fisherman’s Wharf!


After 1750km of running crammed into 49 days I have arrived in San Francisco over 8 days ahead of schedule. The original plan was to stay here for a day and then hit the road again but there is just too much to do here and I have decided to take another day off. So the new plan is to hit the road again on Saturday, 3rd October.

I am loving San Fran and all it has to offer but it didn’t start on very positive note. When I arrived on Wednesday I went straight to the hostel I had booked – HI Fisherman’s Wharf in north San Francisco. It did not take long for the reception staff to undo the elation of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

After I had paid and check-in I enquired about where I could leave my running stroller. Thinking this was going to be a relatively simple task was very much the wrong assumption. I was instructed to remove everything from my stroller and put them into separate bags. Once I had done this they then started asking about what kind of stuff I had. When they found out I was carrying some food and camping fuel it turned into a major drama. Apparently having food would mean raccoons would be invading the hostel and the camping fuel posed a fire threat. With little compassion it was decided that I was not allowed to stay in the hostel and a refund was being processed within seconds. Now, for a hostel that has the tag line “for travellers, not tourists” it seems that they failed straight away and proved that they are ideally placed for the tourist and a complete nightmare for the traveller.

To make things worse it also transpired that because the hostel was situated on federal land the consumption alcohol was prohibited everywhere but the kitchen. It may turn out that this was all for the good anyway!

The next day turned out to be so much better but I will cover that in a separate post!

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