Under attack…

Last night I was staying in a camp ground just outside Gualala, California. I arrived, set up camp and went for a shower. On my return my neighbour let me know that there had been a rustling sound from around my tent. When I got to my stroller, where I keep my food, I found that I had been robbed. My food bag had a hole in it, my peanut butter and blackberry jam were in the dirt and my bagels had vanished. The racoons had attacked and their objective was clear… to make peanut butter and jam bagels – exactly what I had in mind for my breakfast the next morning. I later found the culprit munching the bagels in the wood and chased him and retrieved my bagels. If I wasn’t allowed them then he sure as hell wasn’t getting them. Below is a picture of the thief with one of his partners in crime. I duly moved my food to the food lockers provided.

While I was writing this blog I heard a rustling sound from outside my tent. I sneaked to the food storage and found a group of racoons looking for their next meal. When I approached I noticed that part of my bag was lying on the floor. On further investigation all my food was scattered inside the box. The little buggers had actually managed to get in and wreak havoc. I divided my food into tinned and non-tinned and made sure the non-tinned was somewhere more secure.

Thinking that was the end of it I returned to my tent. The little buggers then launched a sustain attack on me and my fellow campers. Throughout the night I could hear them trying to find ways into my tent and my stroller. Other campers torches could be seen scanning the woods and occasionally there was a frustrated shout from somewhere in the trees.

Needless to say I woke up in a less than good mood. I packed as quickly as I could and hit the road again, eager to put as many miles between me and those antisocial little vermin!


  1. Fung Ling Yeung · · Reply

    This made me laugh…a lot! 🙂

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  2. I confirm all these facts are true as we were on the tent just next to his !

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