My first roadside care package

So after my restless night under attack from the local vermin I set out on the road. Just before I hit the road I got speaking to some ladies who were walking their dogs. Both very friendly and offering to help.

Focused on getting going I hit the road. The first shop was 10 miles away and my breakfast of peaches and Vienna sausages was hardly going to sustain me – food was very prominent on my mind.

At about 8 miles two of the cyclists who had been staying the camp ground with me came up behind. They asked if I had seen the package on the side of the road addressed to “The Scottish running guy.” I replied that I had not seen said package and they told me that they thought I had seen it and decided I didn’t need it. I am still trying to work out why I would decide to leave generously donated food on the side of the road!

Anyway… I would like to thank whoever it was (I am presuming it was one of the ladies from the morning) for taking the time to put together a little care package for me. It was the very first of its kind on this trip (that I know about) and I am sure that it would have filled my stomach and lifted my spirits. If anyone else wants to leave one on the road for me I promise to look harder!!


  1. So sad you missed it:( I’m so intrigued now – what was in it!! X

  2. Hey Jamie..met you a week ago at Russian Gulch State Park..we were camping in the white VW camper near your campsite. Please rethink your journey thru Mexico! Terrible place to travel alone. Maybe you could hop a cruiseship or freighter and jog on deck while cruising to Buenos Aires! 👍

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