I’m on the telly…

So after Jon’s great work as my PR guru I had an interview with Channel 3 (a local TV station). I got the call at 9am and had 30 minutes to prepare which meant that the hot shower would have to be skipped. At least the reporter would get the full traveller version of Jamie – smells and all.
When he arrived he took another call – a cop had shot someone! To be honest I had mixed feelings. Obviously this is a terrible thing to happen but a small part of me was worried that the interview wasn’t going to go ahead – I feel a bit bad about that but this was my first opportunity to get the message out there.
Luckily the interview was still on the cards. During a quick off camera interview Steve (the reporter) decided that it would be easier if the message was just about suicide and rather than in the UK and America it was worldwide.

The interview went OK but in reflection I wish I had had more time to prepare for the questions he asked. I feel for all the clients I have put in front of cameras in the past…

Now I haven’t seen the interview as I haven’t been able to find WiFi strong enough. I hope its ok:



  1. It’s AMAZING ! X

  2. Great interview! Will you be too famous to talk to me soon?! x

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