Running to Patrick’s Point State Park

After a sort of day off yesterday (ignoring the 5k run in The Redwoods) I set off eager to be back on the road. A very simple plan today. Get to Orick, about 10km away, write newsletter and then make way to Patrick’s Point State Park. The first 10k flew by and I arrived at Orick where I stocked up and popped into the Palm Café to use the WiFi. While there I thought it rude to sit for an hour with just a coffee so I indulged in a pancake stack with clotted cream, maple syrup and jam. And if that was not enough I added a huge cinnamon roll, warmed and with more clotted cream… yum!

After scoffing down the food and sending out the newsletter I set off on my merry way. A call from a friend back home (you know who you are) added to my eagerness to get going and the kms started to fall off.

As I rounded one corner I noticed a group of people all staring in to the distance. Overcome with curiosity I ventured over to see what they were all looking at. I was rewarded with my first viewing of a herd of Elk. We have all seen deer (or I am assuming so) and they are fantastic beasts but there is something especially majestic about an elk. They are huge and the stags have the most impressive antlers that tower above them. This is a good time of year to spot them as it is the rutting season and the hormones are really racing through their bodies. This herd were by the shoreline of a big lagoon. The dominant male was rushing around making sure that all knew he was the alpha male.

After speaking to a few of my fellow spectators I set back on the road. By about km 25 my legs had decided that it was about all they could muster for the day. My left calf was seizing up and felt as it was detached from my leg. With 10 km still to go I struggled on. Each step was taken through gritted teeth and to add to the agony the remaining route was either uphill or on tight bends, in many cases it was both.

Determination prevailed and I had finally arrived at my destination. It was at this point that I wish I had taken my father’s advice and taken 2 days off. Maybe that would be something I would do the next day…. (you can guess how that went.)

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