Journey vs Destination – a short reflection

There are two very clear parts to my day. The Journey and The Destination. I have been thinking about this a lot recently and realised that I am spending too much time on the journey and not enough time on the destination. Yes, my expedition is ultimately about getting from Vancouver to Buenos Aires but who benefits if that is all I focus on. It does take a lot of physical and mental strength and energy to achieve this but there is always room for balance.

Balance is something I am not very good at. Everyone who knows me frequently says that I am either all in or not engaged. This can be in relationships, work, diet, sports and possibly friendships. I know I need to gain better balance and I am really hoping that this expedition allows me to address this.

When I arrived at Patrick’s Point State Park I was in pain, I was feeling down about having an injured leg and all I wanted to do was set up camp, refuel and start thinking about the next day. But something inside me said NO. I was in a spectacular state park on the pacific coast and I was going to appreciate it, even if it meant hobbling around in pain.

So I grabbed the park map and set off determined to cover at least three destinations. My final destination was Wedding Rock. I limped up the hill and sat myself down on the wall. I tuned into a young family’s conversation next to me and picked out the word “Whale”. After a quick introduction they pointed my in the right direction of where they had seen a whale. The wife sat there with her camera at the ready…. Nothing. Just a misty ocean. After a while she slipped her camera into her pocket and resolved that there would be no more whale watching tonight. At that very moment a monster grey whale breached the surface and started to circle, much to the satisfaction of all watching.

This was my reward. I had identified a flaw in how I was tackling my days and made a conscious decision to change it. I know that not every time I explore my destination will reveal a hidden gem but to see my whales I need to be willing to make the time and establish that balance.

Just to add, it was at Patrick’s Point that I made my coffee and bagels and spent a morning whale watching before I set off to Arcata. A magical morning.

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