A decadent day for a runner

So following the whale watching at Patrick’s Bay did I take my father’s advice and take a day off… NOPE… I went running!!!

Arcata was the next town on the map and at 35km it was going to be very achievable. I set off along the old scenic route avoiding the Freeway. The road hugged the coastline and was accompanied by the rather out of tune sounds of the seals lying on the rocks below. I passed a casino and was joined by a fellow returning to town. He asked about my route and when he heard I was taking the direct route informed me of the Hammond Trail. This is a path that follows the old rail line that was set up to transport logs to the mills. The trail itself was fine but my father and I both agreed that it lacked the charm of the villages in Europe. (It’s really nice that when I am running the last part of the day is when my dad is checking his emails before bed and he frequently emails with comments.)

I’ll keep the running documentary to a minimum… I arrived in the small university town of Arcata which is also home to an eclectic bunch of visitors that could be described using words such as drugs, circus, performers, alternative or homeless. As a result the town has a curious blend that seems to work.

Back to decadence… on arrival I had to make a decision – Massage or burger! It was a tough decision but when I added a pint of pilsner to the burger the decision was actually relatively easy… After that was scoffed down I popped to the local ice cream parlour for some ice cream, four scoops to be more precise. Chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate coconut and coffee all served in a waffle cup… insanely good! (see picture)

I then went in search of a foam roller. While this mission may have been a failure I did meet a nice member of the local Rotary Club who very generously gave me some cash with the strict instruction to buy myself some dinner…
I then checked into my eco hostel. Having spent 26 of the last 30 odd nights in a tent I thought I could allow myself a bed. The Redwood Lily hostel on 12th street was a rare treat. The whole place is eco-friendly and owned by a delightful lady. I could only afford a shared room but each bed came with a screen giving ample privacy. The hostel has a tree house, hammocks and is decorated amazingly. What was a real treat was the bath. My legs appreciated this so much and they particularly enjoyed the lavender oil…. Check out http://www.redwoodlily.com

With everything plugged in to charge and videos uploading I popped out to Tomo, the local sushi restaurant, for dinner (kindly paid for by my friend from earlier. If you every get a chance this place is a must. Very relaxed, lovely people and excellent food.

To end of my day of decadence I popped to the local produce supermarket, Wildberries (www.wildberries.com), and bought a double chocolate almond cookie… I know there is a lot of sugar in today’s diary but wait and see what it produces tomorrow….

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