The first edition of my Newsletter… ooooh…

Hi Everyone,

For those of you not signed up to my newsletter then you can find it  here – Edition 1 – 11 September 2014




  1. Christine Kenny-Tillery · · Reply

    Yes Jamie! We ran with you last Saturday @ the Redwoods! We’ll be following your journey on-line & running with you in spirit! What an awesome adventure!

  2. Hi Jamie ~ Some bloke named Adams Fairclough claims he is a friend of yours and wrote to a bunch of us Californians to see if we could provide you a shack to stay in during your run. Ah just joking around. Adam wrote to a bunch of us Californians who all studied in Aix-en-Provence back in the early 90’s together. Wish we were more on your route. My family and I live over 3 hours east of Patricks Point where it appears you were a few days ago based on your photo of Wedding Rock. Hope you’ll connect with some others that were in our southern France group that live more in the San Francisco area. This journey of yours is quite amazing. We are cheering for you!

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