A few nice things to report – sorry for brevity

Over the last week there have been so many nice things that have happened to me on my run. I have met amazing people, seen beautiful scenery and stayed in cool campsites etc. I wish I had time to write about them all but the reality is that there is either very little time, no wifi or my computer has died.

I have a few minutes spare at the moment so I am going to talk about three:

Labour Day at Hawk River Café

On Monday 1 September I ran from Cape Lookout to Neskowin. The run that day was glorious with some amazing scenery and it was also the day that my legs started to allow me to get under full steam. I passed through sand dunes and forests and sampled beer in Pacific City. I pushed on for about 45km and ended up at a small beach side town called Neskowin. There was a small café so I decided to drop in before I set about finding somewhere to sleep. I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. the staff immediately made me welcome and were intrigued by what I was doing. The other customers all started to enquire and in between sips I would pop over to tables and explain what I was doing and why. This got the attention of Frank who owned the place. He came and sat next to me and very generously said that I could eat and drink as much as I wanted and it was all on the house. Well I can tell you that was an offer I wasn’t going to pass up on. I ordered a pam and pineapple pizza and eagerly awaited its arrival. While waiting Frank took me through a tasting of all the different beers before moving on to the wine! When the pizza arrived I commenced my demolition job. I may have been hungry but I am going to be bold and say it was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. To make it even better they handed me honey for the crusts. This is something I had not heard of before but I can report that it is amazing… TRY IT!! After I finished the pizza Frank told me they had British sticky toffee pudding… it would have been rude not to have indulged…

A stop off in Depoe bay

While in the Hawk Creek Café I met Joann and Ken. They asked where I was intending to stay the next night. When They heard it was Depoe Bay they very generously offered me a place to stay. It transpired that this was the first time they had invited a complete stranger back to their house. When I set off the next morning I knew there was a warm bed and salmon (that Ken had caught the day before) waiting 25 miles south in Depoe Bay – that was a huge encouragement for the day. The run wasn’t that pretty as Lincoln City was just a never ending strip of really quite bad shops…

When I arrived in Depoe Bay everyone was crowded around the sea view. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked over the cliff and to my delight there was a grey whale meandering around the bay. This was a fantastic end to the day and had to be a sign of luck for the night ahead.

I finally arrived at Joann and Ken’s house in a lovely gated community. I was warmly greeted and shown to a lovely bedroom with towels and soap and a hot shower… After a long shower and changing into clean clothes I walked through to the kitchen and was handed a glass of wine… Joann and Ken invited their friends Bill and Heidi round for dinner and we enjoyed a really fun evening while drinking and eating.

The next morning we popped round to Bill and Heidi’s and was presented with an amazing pack lunch for the day ahead. We then went for a nice walk along the coast and a quick tour of Doe Bay harbour – the smallest harbour in the world!!

Before I left Joann made sure that my stroller was overflowing with food and off I set. This only touches on how kind they were but sadly I don’t have time to fully detail everything – Ken and Joann – Thank you!!!

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  1. Ken and Joann are amazing! And Frank! Love that people are looking after you out there! X

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