69 (smirk)km in one day – awesome but a little stupid

So I am now within touching distance of the California border. It lies about 150km south of Bandon where I am at the moment sitting in a café eating a bacon, cheese and egg flatbread. The great thing about stopping to update the blog is that it normally means you get to treat yourself…

Yesterday was a mammoth day. In 7 and a half hours I managed to cover 69 km. While it is an awesome distance to achieve in one day it is also stupid and testament to my competitive nature. In the morning a bunch of cyclists said they were going to aim for Bandon and I thought I would try and prove to myself (and them) that I could do it too. While I seem to have been lucky and escaped any lasting injuries it is this kind of behaviour that leads to tendonitis, sore joints and exhaustion. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself to regulate my distances and speeds I seem to ignore myself.

Today is going to be a nice slow day. There is a campsite 45km south and if I can get there then that would be brilliant but I am not going to push myself. As Long as I am in California by Friday that’s all that matters…

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