A story from a man in Waldport about his exposure to suicide

This morning I woke up in a little campsite just north of Waldport in Oregon and got chatting to the chap who was staying in a small RV next to me. We exchanged morning pleasantries and he enquired about what I was doing. When he heard prevention of suicide was one of the causes he went on to tell me a story from his past. It took place in 1979 and I thought I would share it.

This chap lived in Seattle and that year the local sports team, I forget which sport but it is not important, had won a big tournament. He was riding through the town on his bike watching the revelers enjoying the team’s success. His journey took him over one of the many bridges in Seattle and while crossing it he noticed a lady standing at the railing looking over. He pulled up close by and slowly walked closer. He stopped about 10m away and looked over in to the darkness. He spent a good two minutes just looking. He then turned to the lady and said: “It looks dark down there.” He then then said, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this but there are people that would really miss you if you were to do anything. I would miss you and I am a stranger.” The lady turned to him and said, “When I left my home this evening I told myself that if one person cared about me I would not jump. You have done that. Thank you.”
He told the story a lot better but I think it highlights that there are people who feel desperately alone and all they need to hear is that they would be missed and that people love them.

I thought it was a nice story.

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