He’s full on running again… and it feels good!!!


Any one reading my blog will know I have been battling with a few niggles as I settle into my 18,000km run through the Americas for CALM, Macmillan, WaterAid and Save. Before I left I had a very clear plan. Start slow, build up the mileage gradually and let my body get used to the pace and stresses and then settle into 37.5km average a day.

Did I do it? Hell no… I was stupid and threw all my best laid plans aside and powered on at a rate of knots. Was that big or clever… NO! After two days I was suffering with Achilles tendon problems that then manifested into left knee problems. After struggling on, determined not to let this stop me I abruptly grinded to a halt.

So for the last week or so I have been struggling along, walking when I have to, which some days was all day. While I was managing to keep my daily KMs at the pace I need it was affecting my mood. I am a runner not a walker. If you walk everything takes twice as long. That’s twice as much time on the road, twice as much time burning calories and twice as much time thinking…

I resorted to lots of different ways to try and combat this. More stretching, more ibuprofen, more muscle rub, a little yoga and as much elevation and rest as possible. Then on Monday, 1 September I remember I had some insoles in my medical kit. I sat on the side of the road and gingerly inserted these shock absorbers into my shoes. I took a couple of strides, all seemed good. A few more paces and no pain, paces turned into 100m then half kilometres and then full kms. The smile crept back onto my face and km started to disappear. I was back and I loved it…

I realised that my trainer choice was completely wrong. I brought trainers that I enjoyed running 10kms in. This expedition couldn’t be more different. I therefore popped into the Nike outlet shop in Lincoln City in Oregon and bought some Vomero 8 running shoes. These have a lot more cushioning and using them today was great.

I have learnt a lesson – if you have a game plan – stick to it. Listen to your body, react accordingly and don’t let ego get in the way. An expedition of this scale is not a short sprint, it’s a long game that needs to be respected accordingly.

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  1. So glad that you got that all sorted out. But take care!

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