A few days lumped together… sorry!

The days are flying past and I am not getting the time to write but I will rectify that…

There have been so many great things that have happened over the last few days and when I can find some time when I am not mentally frazzled I will elaborate and add more details because more details are deserved! These will include:

  • Running to Cape Lookout – this was a sad day walking but the views were amazing. Included a detour off the 101 past Neharts Bay and arriving at the Cape Lookout state park campsite
  • Running again – After a few days of walking and jogging I found my insoles that solved all my problem (well nearly). The pace has picked up and the smile has grown!!!
  • Being treated to an amazing meal at the Hawk Creek Café, Neskowin – Frank, the owner, treated me an amazing pizza, sticky toffee pudding, wine and beer.
  • Sleeping on the beach in Neskowin – Great idea in principal, not quite the same in reality
  • An amazing night in Depoe Bay – I met a couple in Hawk Creek who invited me to stay. They looked after me so well and treated me like a king. A huge act of kindness and one that has given me a real boost. Huge thanks to Joann and Ken
  • Seeing whales in Depoe bay

So much to write about an so little time!!!


One comment

  1. So happy you’re running again! Were there some sad faces on the whiteboard? I’ve been poorly sick – you cab stick that on the whiteboard if you want. Encouraging the sharing an’ all that. You can also draw a picture of my face, sick with jealousy. Still….. Haven’t forgotten about you J. Keep going xx

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