Day Report – 30th September

(pictures to be added)

Today marks the beginning of the Labor day weekend in the US. This is a holiday that everyone seems to get very excited about but no-one really knows what it is really all about… As a result the roads were pretty busy but wasn’t really that much of an issue as the 101 had great cycling hard shoulders that are ample for little old me.

I left Neil’s beautiful house at about 9.30 and hit the road. As my Achilles and knee are still a bit sore I am being sensible and thinking about the long game which means slow and steady.

I have decided that while listening to music is enjoyable I need to use my running/walking time more constructively. Last night I signed up to Audible and downloaded my first book. As I already have a kindle (which I hate to admit I love – thanks sis!!) I thought I should read books that might enrich me as a person. Today’s book is The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. It is quite a full on book looking at what makes us happy. If a non-intellect like me can enjoy it then I am sure everyone can. I am slightly worried about how much seems to apply to me…

Today was the first day with proper, waterproof needed, rain. Luckily, all my waterproofing worked – Thanks Overboard!!

Despite the weather I was able to enjoy the beautiful Oregon coast line and appreciate the stacks and stumps that featured in the file The Goonies. The road follows the coastline and while there are numerous ups and downs the views more than make up for it.

I set my todays target as Kelly’s Marina in Brighton (Oregon). While it was quite long day, I have arrived in some weird bank holiday mayhem. As a campsite goes it doesn’t live up to the beautiful, scenic places I have been used to in Washington but the live Kiss tribute band and fresh crabs, oyster and clams available make up for it. I have decided to forego these treats todays as it is all quite expensive and I have been reliably told I will have many chances throughout Oregon to eat fresh crab.


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