Where I slept in Seaside – AMAZING!!

So every day I wake up and have to ask myself where am I going to sleep tonight? Will it be at the side of the road in a Park and Ride where they deal meth or will I have a nice bed somewhere? This is part of the appeal of this expedition – everyday is an adventure and there is no telling what is going to happen – I have no idea what lies ahead tomorrow.

Today was slightly different. I did know where I was going to sleep and it is such a good example of just how there are some amazing people out there, in this case two!

For those of you who read my blog on a daily basis will remember the 63 year old cyclist I met in Bruceport a couple of days ago. Well he told me about a website called “Hot Showers”. Essentially this is a website for cyclists who are touring round the country and need places to stay. Sadly I can’t sign up but Allan was going to be staying in one of these in Seaside and very kindly said he was try and arrange for me to have the opportunity to stay there as well.

The very next day I get an email from Allan saying everything was a go… minutes later I get an email from a chap call Neil. His email outlined everything I needed to know about staying at his house. It also informed me that he wouldn’t be there…

So I made my way to Seaport and to the house in question and followed my instructions on how to enter the house and amazingly that is where I am now typing this blog. There is no one here but me. There were clean sheets on the bed and a towel ready for me to have a hot shower. On the counter there are directions on what I need to know, wifi details (which in the email funnily said “use the kitchen, washer/dryer, wife…”)

To me this sums up just how lovely the world of travellers is. There is a mutual respect amongst kindred spirits, a want and desire to help each other to ensure that we really get the most out of what we have decided to achieve. On Neil’s kitchen counter there are a few notebooks where everyone who stays writes a comments. We are all asked to answer a question. In 2012 it was “What is your passion?”, in 2013 “What are you doing now or plan to do to make the world a better place. In 2014 it is “Are you realising your dreams?”. I know that I can answer that question but my question to you is, are you?

Thanks Neil (and Allan) for highlighting how great people are.

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