A brief summary of day 15 – Don’t get down, adapt!


This is just going to be a quick overview of the day… I woke up in Astoria after a nice quiet day off yesterday. My first port of call was the Daily Astorian newspaper. I had emailed them about my trip and they very kindly agreed to meet and hear about my story. Hopefully something will appear next Friday…

As many of you will know I have been suffering with a bit of tendonitis over the last few days (about 12 to be honest). I have been swallowing ibuprofen tablets and lathering my legs in creams to try and hide the pain. Today I decided to be a little more sensible about this. The normal Jamie would blindly continue to push myself with no thought of the consequences…. not any more. Rather than rushing as I normally do I have decided to take a step back and assess what is the best for the overall expedition. Now, the absolutely best course would be to stop, rest, ice, elevate etc but sadly that is not an option. So I have decided to slow down and try and let my legs recover while still managing to cover the distance. This means walking… it goes against everything I love and want to achieve but it is the sensible option. Instead of getting frustrated and angry about this I have decided to look at the positives.  When you are running you spend a lot of time focussing on the road ahead, if I have to walk a few days then it means I will get to spend more time looking around. Is it a coincidence that this happens just when I get to some of the most beautiful Oregon scenery? I think not. I thought walking would be easy but trying to keep 6km an hour up for a whole day is actually quite hard – it also means I don’t have to lose out on mileage.


So I left Astoria and crossed yet another long bridge. I managed to get 27 km under my belt before I hit Seaside, a very originally named sea side resort town. While not the prettiest town it has a certain quaint feel to it with all the traditional sea side town shops, arcades and bars. One of the highlights was The Buzz. This is a sweet shop on the boulevard and an epic sweet shop it is. As you walk in they friendly chap behind the counter tells you that you can try a fresh water taffy for free. So, you do… your taste buds come alive and there is a yearning desire to have more… five minutes later I am standing at the counter with a bag made up of the strangest array of flavours. To add to the taffy there are thousands of other sweets. We have 1 kind of Snickers and Twix in the UK  – here they have several. M&Ms come in all varieties… it is heaven on earth!

WP_20140829_17_22_10_Pro WP_20140829_17_24_15_Pro

I have also decided to get back into yoga. The tendonitis and knee pains have been a sharp reminder that you need to look after your body. So on arriving in Seaside I looked up yoga studios and found the lovely Seaside Yoga (www.seasideyogaretreats.com). This is a cool little studio situated in the heart of the town and run by a lovely lady called Kristin. I signed up, bought a yoga map and got ready to go. Tendonitis is apparently caused by lots of different possible problems, one of which is lack of flexibility of the thigh muscles. Kristen tailors the class (of three) to try and help my as much as possible and I think it worked. The Pigeon pose was particularly good and I really felt the stretch. I am now going to try and make my self do warm up exercises in the morning, stretches throughout the day and yoga somewhere if possible. I have downloaded some classes from http://www.yogadownload.com and Kristin has given me some poses to practise.  Aches and pains are inevitable and I am not going to let them crack my positive vibe…

For dinner I went to U Street Pub and Eatery. This is situated on 220 Avenue U. I had the most amazing Shrimp Basket with battered fries and cocktail sauce. I would very much recommend….

And where did I sleep I hear you ask – well that is worth a blog all of its own!

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