A crafty way to spend a day – Beer tasting


So today was my day off and I was in Astoria. Astoria was the first US settlement town west of the Rockies, founded by Lewis and Clark in 1876. Today the main attraction seems to be craft beer…
Now I am not officiado about craft beers but I have long been a fan. With so many craft beer breweries around the corner from where I was staying I thought it was only polite to pay them a visit.
The first was The Fort George Brewery which is situated in the Fort George building which was erected in 1924. Here I sampled a couple of beers. First was the 3 Way IPA which is a collaboration between three breweries. This is a nice light(ish) but hoppy IPA. Absolutely delicious and definitely worth a try if you can get your hands on it. I then tried the Beta 6.2 IPA. Again delicious but not quite to the taste of the 3 Way. I got the impression that the 3 Way was the beer of choice with the locals. I had a try of the Bewitched Baltic Porter. A really nice chocolatey beer but not something I could drink on a hot day.
I then popped to the Buoy Beer Company down by the water front. Last night I met the chap who runs the tap room and thought I’d pay him a visit. Here I tried their IPA. Again it was delicious. Slightly less punchy that the Fort George but very drinkable, especially on such a warm day.
To finish my tour of Astoria I popped into the Wet Dog Brewery. Compared to the other two this seemed slightly less committed to the craft beer cause. The beer was refreshing but nothing really to write home about. The poker room in the corner kind of went against the vibe of craft beer.
If I had to choose… It would be the 3 Way….

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Awesome work on the progress dude, you must be really chuffed with how it’s going! Hels and I always look forward to reading your blog and hearing how you are getting on, sounds like you are having an amazing time. Proud of you mate.


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