The Washington (state) Review


So on the 16th of August I entered the USA and the State of Washington just north of Blaine. On the 27th of August I crossed the boundary into the State of Oregon.

Washington has treated me so well and I have many great memories and have been helped by so many people..

My route was – Blaine – Bellingham – Burlington – Arlington – Snohomish – Roosevelt – Seattle – Pickering – Elma – Artic – Bruceport

In the time I have been here I have:

  • Covered about 470km
  • Climbed the Space Needle in Seattle
  • Met some amazing people from all walks of life – blog
  • Crossed freeway bridges that have been under construction – Video
  • Had traffic stopped for me in Seattle – video
  • Been given donations by complete strangers in the street
  • Crossed the Astoria Megler Bridge – video
  • Eaten oysters in South Bend – apparently the world capitol of oysters – video
  • Slept in a park and ride where meth was being sold

And all this would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people. So a big thank you to:

  • Kathi Hiyane-Brown (Alina’s mum) for looking after me on my first night in the US. For feeding me, cleaning my clothes, introducing me to friends and being amazing at trying to find places for me to stay throughout my time in the US. Sorry I have not been able to make it to all the different offers of hospitality.
  • Larissa and Duff Weber (Alina’s sister) for having me to stay in Seattle. Again fed me, cleaned my clothes, entertained me and baked some amazing treats for my expedition – every last morsel was eaten…
  • Kelly Hamblin who I met in Artic and took me out for breakfast in Aberdeen (birth place of Kurt Cobane)
  • Dave and Cathy in Arlington who arrange for a place that I could camp in the middle of town. And Marion who owned the land – was great speaking to you the next morning – an amazing life!
  • Scottie who brought me fresh vegetables to the Park and Ride outside Shelton
  • There are so many more…. I will add when I can..

I have loved Washington and hope to return again soon….

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