Snohosmith to Seattle


So after my last blog which was hastily written in a cycle shop café in Snohosmith, a village just north of Seattle, I wen on a mission to find somewhere to camp. About 1.5km out of town I found a little fruit shop but they were unwilling to let a camping set up on their ground – Must have been worried that I would scare away potential customers. Luckily just round the corner I found a small horse livery that looked perfect. I hobbled in and managed to persuade (it really wasn’t difficult) the lovely owner that I would be of no nuisance at all. She very kindly let me pitch camp in her front garden and set up for the night. After a feast of pasta, tune and pesto, I hit the hay and had a surprisingly good night sleep. I think my body is getting used to the uncomfortable ground, early light and random noises of the wild.

The next morning when I woke I felt amazing and I am pretty sure I looked it: (by the way thanks for all the compliments on Facebook)


My first few steps of the day were taken gingerly. My Achillies has been playing up and I think it is a combination of the long distances and the hills. The hills are pretty brutal and are something I have trained a lot for… 😦

However, after applying a little Volteral Gel and walking it out I tested running and to my surprise all was ok.

After a couple of kilometres I came to Seattle Hill and some road works. The km long hill had one lane closed and no hard shoulder. I waited till the traffic had all started to make its way up the hill and then tagged along to the end. As I accented the hill I became aware that there had been no traffic coming the other way for some time. Running as quickly as I could I continued to climb the twisting road. I started to hear the irate toots of horns from the drivers above and it dawned on me that they were being held while the road workers waited for me to arrive. I accelerated as much as my poor little legs would allow and finally reached the summit. The man holding the traffic smiled across and shouted “we couldn’t let you be run over now could we…” and with that he allowed the rush hour traffic on their way. This is another example of the generosity of people in Washington and I am hoping it is just a preview of what is to come on the rest of this expedition. It all comes back to what I believe – If you are doing something positive then people around you will react with kindness.

Apart from being a really pleasant run into town there were very few incidents of note. It is however worth mentioning that this state is very good at creating specific trails for people to enjoy. Todays trail hugged lake Washington. And the second observation is that Seattle has hills – and not small ones… really long steep ones that without a stroller would be hard work…

I finally arrived in Roosevelt at about 3.30pm having covered about 32km. After catching up on some emails and other bits and bobs I made my way to tonight’s accommodation – The Webers.

Many of you will know that I have rented my flat to friends of my brother’s wife Eve. Alina and Pat are a great couple who are also running enthusiasts. Alina has been amazing an put me in touch with so many people in Washington. First I stayed at her mothers in Bellingham, where I was looked after so so well, and tonight it was her sister’s house.

Larissa and her husband Duff live in a lovely house in North Seattle with their adorable children Isla (3) and Oliver (4m). From the moment I arrived I was made to feel so welcome and the wall greeting me in y room will not be beaten on this whole trip (see below).


Seeing Oliver and Isla made me miss Arthur and Alice (niece and nephew in the UK).

I keep saying this but everywhere I go I am so humbled by how kind people are. Having fed me, clean my clothes and provided me with a bed, Duff proceeded to bake me some pumpkin muffin cakes that are awesome. I think the idea is that I will have enough to last me a few days but in reality I don’t think they will last that long…

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