Seattle – Downtown!

So I woke this morning after a lovely nights sleep in a beautiful clean bed and enjoyed pancakes with chocolate chips – all seemed good. But this damn Achilles is still playing up. SO today I was going to enjoy Seattle. I left Larissa and the kids at home and jogged down in to Seattle. The first stop had to be the iconic Space Needle. Despite the mayhem I needed to navigate through I made it safe and sound and was blessed with the most amazing weather. After a little banter with the ticket lady and some awkward words with the security guard (Solomon was reluctant to look after my stroller) I was soaring up the 81 second lift to the viewing deck. The views that greeted me were amazing. Sadly I didn’t meet my Meg Ryan….

After the Space Needle I ventured down to the riverside and through the sculpture park in to town. The Pike Street Market was something that I had been really keen to visit and the climb up the steep hills was definitely worth it. This is where the first Starbucks was opened… But that isn’t what I was looking for… I had been tipped off by Duff that Lowells did a mean fired fish sandwich. As today was going to be my rest day (10km) I decided I could let my diet go a little too – though I am not sure that my nutritionist would agree!! A fried fish sandwich is pretty much what it says on the tin… a fish supper in a roll and damn fine it was too…

Despite my Achilles being better today I decided that I was going to actually rest it today. I also had a friend from work in town and it seemed a shame not to meet up. I checked into the Green Tortoise on Pike and 1st street and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I finally got a SIM card and am now fully linked up to everyone again. I was a little unsure if I wanted to be contactable but after a really nice call with Dad, Melissa, Emily (Fletcher) and Shep I realised its definitely a good thing to have.

I have been trying to get some coverage in Seattle and had a couple of TV stations interested but everything has gone quiet… It’s a real shame as would have been a good opportunity to raise some awareness but it seems they are more focussed on reporting on shootings….

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