Day three – First (and possibly last) time at a KOA site!

Wow – I woke up this morning feeling yesterday’s effort. Legs were stiff and knees a little sore. But I had had a nice evening, showered, ate well and slept in a nice bed. Alina, who has moved into my flat in London, had put me in touch with her mother who lived there and she looked after me so well. When I left this morning I had the best food ever – Okra, peanut butter sandwiches, blueberries, bananas etc. All food I think my nutritionist would approve of.

Bellingham in situated in the hills and this morning my route reminded me of that on a constant basis. The first stage was a long down hill (which I had to climb the night before – thanks for the warning Alina 🙂 ). Down hills are actually worse than ups as the stroller is quite heavy and is eager to let loose and run away. Stage two was a very (very very) long hill up Woburn Street and the Yew Street. This was a cruel start to the day. Luckily I had already decided that today was going to be a slightly shorter day.

Although today’s route was predominately hills it was beautiful. Forrest lined the roads and where there wasn’t forest there was lake. There was even a rather attractive rollerblader in hot pants!!

After about 22km I decide to take a rest. I literally collapsed onto the tarmac and closed my eyes. My error was that I didn’t stretch…. When I started running again I had the beginning signs of Achilles Tendonitis. While uncomfortable it did stop e managing to run the last 10km to the camp site. I am now doing a lot of massaging and stretching to try and limit the chances of this flaring up and becoming an ongoing problem. If need be I will have to walk a couple of days… Hope it doesn’t come to that – it hasn’t in the past…

The campsite I am in is OK but bloody expensive for what it is. When I first arrived I was given a lovely quiet area where I could relax. About 30 seconds later a family moved in. Now if you imagined a loud, slightly overweight American family with so much equipment it is beyond belief. You can probably picture them but to help the dad is a skinhead with a goatie and he and his son don’t seem to find showing off their bodies… Now you have it. Well is 4pm and there are 6 hours till “quiet time”… headphones are in…

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  1. KOA are sometimes very nice, aren’t they ?

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