Day four and five quick write up

Ok.. so I have been away from the world of WiFi for a couple of days. Those who like to read everyday (Mum) may have to get used to gaps in write-ups. To get time to write I need good wifi and a charged computer and these don’t always go hand in hand.

So after my night at the camp site I set off south towards Burlington, Mount Vernon and Arlington. This was meant to be a quiet day to give my poor little legs a rest but as ever it didn’t end up like that. Quick report on the day:

  • Met a chap on the road who told me about the Centennial Trail (will touch on later)
  • Had a weird sandwich – Roast beef, horseradish, salad, mayonnaise, cheddar and burger mustard on sour dough – Actually tasted quite nice
  • Had a sleep on side of the road and about 3 cars turned around to check I was alright – not sure that would happen in the UK…
  • Tried to cross a river on the Freeway only to find the bridge was completely closed. Cool workers helped my carry the stroller across the bridge. Was a major road and no way in hell UK health and safety would have allowed
  • Arrived in Arlington and had to set up camp in an industrial park right next to a main road. Not the best nights sleep..

Woke up this morning (19th) and decided to make my “rest day” a walk day. There is a trail called the Centennial Trail that runs from Arlington to Snohosmith  (Sounds like a place Smurfs would live) and it s a paved track with no traffic. Today I walked the 30+ km and arrived at about 4pm. Plan is to head a little further south and try and get into Seattle reach. It is going to be another night in the tent if I can find a spot.

Nothing really dramatic happened today. Left knee and right Achilles a little sore so off to find some ice…



  1. Polly R-J · · Reply

    Love getting these updates – it’s like I’m there with you, and not sitting at my desk! Keep going buddy. Polly

  2. Susan Mihata · · Reply

    You’re welcome to a bed and meal in Redmond, WA. 😃 Alina’s Aunty Susan

  3. I met you yesterday in the city as I was walking to the bus stop. Me being my curious self went to talk to you. I am impressed with what you are setting out to do. thanks for doing something so out there. I will follow on the blog now if you need anything we can send you along the way. dont hesitate to ask. run on my friend and be safe. 🙂

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