First night camping – nearly burnt down British Colombia!!


So I arrived safely in Aldercrossing (I think) and found a lovely little camping patch in a cute park in the middle of this rather plush neighbourhood. All was good. I set up my Force Ten tent and to my delight it seems that this tent has been specially designed for this expedition. I bought a this tent for numerous reasons: it’s light, its 2 man so I can sleep with all my stuff next to me but also because it has a “garage”. The hope was that I would be able to park my stroller in during the night so nothing was left out in the elements. As you can see below it is perfect:


I then set about cooking dinner. I brought a trusty Trangia cooking set with me but unfortunately couldn’t bring meths with me. Can I find meths in Canada… Nope! So I thought I would improvise First lesson – Don’t improvise when it involves fire!

I went to a hardware shop and bought some camping fuel, naively thinking this would do. It did say for cooking stoves…. So I happily set up my cooker, add some fuel, light it and set about cooking my pasta. I thought the flame looked a little “firey” but carried on. After a short while it went out so…. I added some more BUT O SO BADLY. Someone I managed to spill the fuel which led to the fire going a little crazy. This led to the actual bottle going on fire and a small fireball materialise. I frantically threw water on the fire tried to stamp it out with my flip flops and ended up with singed hair, a flip flop on fire, a burn toe and a fire that wouldn’t go out… Luckily the fire was only contained to a very small area and I don’t think there was any risk of an actual fire… Plus sides… my pasta with sardines in spicy tomato sauce were delicious and I know have a 750ml fuel bottle Id on’t need to push today! Will find real meths today!

All this posed one little problem… I didn’t have water and I had set up camp and had no where I could buy water. Luckily for me this lovely couple walked past and enquired about what I was doing. They then disappeared and returned with 3 bottles of water and a contribution to my trip. People are being so generous it is amazing. but that is partly what this trip is about…


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