Thank you to companies that have helped…

Despite the fact that I have not even started my expedition there are still so many people who need to be thanked for getting my this far.

Thule Logo Rich Black

Thule – Thank you for providing me with my awesome running stroller, the Chariot Cheetah 1. Transporting my kit was always going to be a challenge but this awesome piece of kit makes it easy.


Powertraveller – In these modern times we all caryy so much electronic equipment. I have a laptop, running watch, phone, video camera and an ipod. Powertraveller have provided me with some fantastic pieces of equipment – the SolarGorilla, PowerGorilla and SpiderMonnkey. The combination of these will ensure that I am always powered to document this expedition.


Overboard – These is no avoiding the fact that I am going to get wet. Overboard have provided me with a whole array of waterproof bags that have enabled me to make sure that everything will stay dry no matter what the weather throws at me.


Saucony – Having enough trainers was always going to be a problem and it’s a problem that I am yet to completely resolve. No matter how big a company the logistics of delivery 20 pairs of trainers to unknown destinations around the Americas is complicated to say the least. Rather than just saying no Saucony very kindly provided my with a pair of their new Glide 7 shoes, just to get me started.


Microsoft – Staying in contact with friends and family will be key to maintaining my sanity. Also documenting the expedition is imperative. Microsoft, through their Nokia Lumia 1020, have been able to satisfy both these problems in one. This phone is ideal for my needs. It takes amazing photos with its 41 megapixel camera, then uploads them straight to One Drive ensure I don’t lose a single photo.

Vangotrangia logo force-ten-logo

Force Ten, Vango and Trangia – I don’t really know what my sleeping arrangements are going to be but I do know that it will involve a lot of camping. Trying to lug all the necessary camping equipment was a concern. However these three companies have managed to provide the perfect solution. Force Ten have provided me with the very best tent and sleeping bag possible. I never knew a 2 person tent (you never know I may have company) could weigh so little. Vango have supplied me with a ruck sack and lets of other bits of kit that are essential to my camping experience. Trangia have taken care of my cooking needs by providing me with one of their iconic cooking stoves.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project – Sunglasses are another essential item and Rudy Project’s Stratofly sunglasses have been amazing to run in. There are ultra-lightweight and have amazing lens that adjust to the light.

1000M CMYK

1000 Mile Socks – having good dry socks will ensure that I am giving my feet the absolute best chance of not being torn apart along the way. I am grateful for the 1000 Miles socks that were provided.


Dragonfly – My friends Vicky Grant has been an absolutely star and saving grace. She has spent the last few weeks organising the design of my expedition t-shirts and making sure they were delivered on time. They arrived on Friday and look amazing!!


Superdry – As you will know I am going to be pushing all my stuff in a baby stroller. This means that my space is limited and that in turn restricts the amount of clothes I am able to take. Superdry have very kindly supplied me with all my clothes including flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, hats belts and sunglasses. Absolutely love it all…

sports instinct

Sport Instinct – The actual running shirts were supplied by Sports Instinct for an amazingly good price.


Profeet – Before undertaking a run of this magnitude it is sensible to make sure that your running style isn’t going to cause you problems. Thanks to everyone at Profeet for your support.

Crewroom logo

Crewroom – Thank you Crewroom for contributing to my running clothes. Each item looks amazing quality and will hopefully keep me running strongly.

michel thomas

Michel Thomas – I don’t speak Spanish and I think I will need to by the time I get to Mexico. By the time I have finished listening to this product I am confident that I will be able to chat away with everyone I meet.


Instinctif Partners – Making the decision to take a leave from the City is quite scary. After 11 years of working for Instinctif Partners I decided that now was my time. Instead of just letting me head off into the distance, Instinctif Partners have supported my decision and have granted me a 2 year sabbatical to follow my dreams.


Rollei – This is going to be an experience of a lifetime and it is essential that I document every part, good and bad. Rollei have been very generous and provided me with one of their S30 WiFi action video cameras. This is a great bit of kit that works amazingly. Not only can you film anywhere you can also watch back the footage on the built-in screen. Genius!


Rhitrition – Nutrition is an area that I had overlooked in my preparation. I have always taken a laid back approach to what I eat and drink and seemed to have done ok. However, Rhiannon from Rhitrition opened my eyes to just how much it could affect my performance and just how detrimental it could be. Time to start living a little healthier!

You can’t undertake something like this alone and I am so grateful to each and every one of these companies for helping me get to the start line. Now it’s just down to me.


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