Why are you running away?

Running Beard Forrest

People ask me why I am running away or more importantly what am I running away from. I personally don’t like to view this expedition as running away I see it as running towards something. I am running towards an adventure that could fundamentally change my life. I am not going to hide that if I was blissfully married and had children then I would probably not be doing this. But I am not and rather than sit at my desk and continue to flitter away my earnings on things I really don’t need, I have decided to take a more proactive approach to my life.

To some this may be a dramatic approach but those who know me will testify that I like to do things to extremes. 18,000km is a very long way and there are many things that could happen that hinder me being successful but at least I know that I have the courage to pursue what I want to do. What is life if we don’t live it to its full – I don’t believe I have been doing that. And at the end of the day what’s the worst that could happen? (Don’t speak to my younger brother about what might happen because he has an over active imagination – well I hope it is!)


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