Adventure Run London 2014

London Adventure run

Going for the same run every day can get a little repetitive and boring which can lead to the loss of motivation. To tackle this I incorporate adventure runs into my routine. Essential this just means that I find a tube station that is the desired distance from my house, travel there and run back. This adds an element of adventure into the experience and allows you to properly explore London.

I recently went on my longest Adventure Run to date. I jumped on the district line and journeyed out to Bromley-By-Bow, about 24 tube stations from my house, and started a run that would cover 29km through some of London’s most beautiful parts.

One of the nice things about this run is that most of it is on the footpath that follows the canal. The main points of interest are: Canary Wharf, Limehouse Basin, Victoria Park, Haggerston, Old Street, Camden Locks, Regents Park, London Zoo, Little Venice, Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Road and Brompton Cemetery.

Its not rocket science but with just a little planning you can really explore London while getting fit.

If you do any Adventure Runs then please share them with me. Would love to hear about them: Contact me


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